1. Here is how you can make your favorite font and font size as default in Word 2016 and Word 2013.

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  2. Are you frustrated by always having to change the font size before you create a document it Word? Here’s how you can end that frustration and set your favorite ...

  3. Change the font that Word uses when you start a new document.

  4. If you cannot, or are unable to set or change default font in Word or if your selection to the default font keeps reverting, then this article will help you.

  5. Change the default font for email messages that you send, or use a different font for messages that you forward or reply to.

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  7. Why did Microsoft change the default font to Calibri? This question was originally answered on Quora by Joe Friend.

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  9. Learn how to change a theme, change font, and customize Word & Excel documents in Office. You can change, save and make it the default theme easily.

  10. Windows 8 Font Changer is a free software to change the default font for various items in Windows 8. Get Windows 8 Font Changer for free.