1. The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) is the authoritative source of information about all types of bottled waters, mineral water bottlers, Bottled water ...

  2. Bottled water producer admits consumers paying for plastic not 'pure, safe' water

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  3. Bottled water is sold all over the world. Available in grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, recreation centers, schools, gas stations, and almost everywhere ...

  4. For consumers who want fluoride in their drinking water and wish to choose bottled water, IBWA member companies who make fluoridated bottled water products under ...

  5. How much do you know about your drinking water quality? Is tap water or bottled water safer? Learn more here from WebMD.

  6. Bottled water is expensive, harmful to the environment, and impure – which is why manufacturers often refuse to divulge how their drinking water is produced.

  7. 2017-9-8 · News about bottled water. Commentary and archival information about bottled water from The New York Times.

  8. How to Choose the Right Bottled Water. When shopping for bottled water, it can be difficult to figure out which one to buy. This is especially true if you're unsure ...

  9. Lots of people think drinking bottled water is safer. Is it?

  10. Bottled alkaline water does not have the health benefits of alkaline ionized drinking water. Learn why -ORP not PH is vital for receiving alkaline water benefits.