1. The Original Platinum Blonde Band Official Website established in 1999. Now complimenting the new flagship site PlatinumBlondeWorld.com. Fun …

  2. Mark Holmes lead singer of Platinum Blonde recently took part in the Annual Terry Fox Run in Toronto, Ontario this month.

  3. How to Bleach Your Hair Platinum Blonde. Right now you may be a raven black brunette, but may wish to be a newborn chic blonde. There are lots of products available ...

  4. Blond (male), blonde (female), or fair hair, is a hair color characterized by low levels of the dark pigment eumelanin. The resultant visible hue depends on various ...

  5. Here’s some eye candy for ya! Channel your inner Jean Harlow with a full head of vivid platinum blonde hair. Find out which shades are hot (or cool) right now!

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  6. Platinum Blonde hair color and hair dye by L'Oréal Paris. Intense platinum blonde hair color shades for a unique hair color look with anti-brass conditioner.

  7. I've been bleaching my hair platinum blonde for a decade, and surprisingly it's in good shape. I attribute this to my expert colorists, of course, but also to the ...

  8. Platinum blonde, ice blonde, bleached blonde? Whatever you call it, these are our favourite colours for inspiration if you're looking to go light this summer...

  9. One month after dying her hair strawberry blonde, Emma Stone changed up her color again—this time, as a platinum blonde.

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    Jean Harlow may have been under contract to MGM, but it was at lowly Columbia Pictures that she played the title role in the aptly titled Platinum Blonde. Director ...

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